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Met the people who run Hacienda La Esperanza

Rodger Harrison

Rodger Harrison is the founder of Paramedics For Children and directs the operations of Hacienda La Esperanza on a day to day basis. Having lived in the area since 1997 he is highly qualified to show you one of the most wonderful places in the word, Copan Ruinas, Honduras.

From the incredible Mayan ruins of Copan to fascinating field missions into the high mountains you will gain a wealth of information about the Mayan people who live in the surrounding mountains nearby.

Those who have participated in PFC
mountain missions delivering school supplies, or doing health census programs to the children returned home with incredible memories and adventures that last a lifetime.

Marco Tulio Oliveros

Marco Tulio Oliveros is the right hand man and "go to guy" for all things needed. He has been with us since 1999 and is a native of Copan Ruinas. Marco Tulio takes care of the property as well as the animals and is very knowledgeable about all things concerning the culture and the people of Honduras.

He can always be called up to take you around the town in one of our four wheel vehicles and to make sure you you get to taken to all the sights. In addition to this "MT" also oversees the clinic operations and many other various duties when called upon.


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