Hacienda La Esperanza in cooperation with Paramedics For Children, a non profit organization, is the only B&B in all of Honduras or perhaps in the world  who’s sole reason for being is to bring aid to the Indigenous  Mayan Chorti Indians of Honduras and all of Central American

They do this through the running of a medical clinic for the poor as well as a local school supply outreach program based in Copan Ruinas. 

100% of all room revenues goes to support Paramedics For Children,  who leases the Hacienda year round and runs both a volunteer and tourist program that funds their projects.

Hacienda La Esperanza is managed and run by Paramedics For Children a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation located in Charlotte North Carolina in the United States Of America with 100% of all rentals and other related income going to Paramedics For Children to fund programs for the poor in Honduras and other Central American countries. 

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